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Recipe for Avoiding Self-Destruction and Self-Paralysis

I've always been intrigued by spirituality and anything to do with the MIND and it's relation to the brain/body and spirit. I can talk about spirituality all the time because it's EVERYTHING. It's the air we breathe, sex, money, the food we eat, etc.  It's the lyrics, the music, the feeling we get that we can't explain. It's karma and dharma and everything in between and around. 


But I digress...

The reason that I love talking about the mind and spirit is because I like to help others see how immense their potential is. I am not perfect and I do not know everything, I've made that clear in my description of my purpose of my podcast, BUT I do think that I have an ability to diagnose spiritual problems that manifest in the physical world as anger, depression, even happiness and joy. That's part of why I got a degree in social work (not psychology...I like to get in there and get real...).

One of the following TED Talks was great to me because the speaker was about to kill himself before his life changed...not because he found God or Jesus, thought that works great for some, but because he found his control of his own mind - that's the foundational work, I think, to finding your spiritual zen place. The topic is fear. Given that fear is one of the only two emotions along with LOVE, I figured this is a great place for some of you to start!



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