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I'mma Geek About Mine

At Say it with Your BreastsI felt it was important to share the things that get me totally geeked out! 

I LOVE learning about health and environmental issues such as climate change or eating based on your blood type. I also think that relationship studies are pretty cool and studies on race relations are even more fascinating. As a kid, I fell asleep watching Discovery Channel and one of my favorite games was one that explored the inner workings on the human body. You'd think I'd know more about all of these topics but I'm no expert. Just geeked!

Below, just click on a category and learn along with me! If you have something that geeks you out, please subscribe, then email me and I'll consider posting it in this section with you as a contributor! 


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Eating Based on Your Blood Type

(foods you may want to swipe left on...)

Fear: The Cost of Inaction

Disappearing Coral Reef...

It's Sad.

Color & Race Within the Red Lines of America

Um..I Never Learned These Parts in School...

Hidden History

The Women who Organized the Civil Rights Movement (and not about the men who took the credit...or just didn't say their names.)

Books that are Mentioned on the Podcast (Continually will add to the list)

Say it with your breasts


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