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  • Arielle Dominique

Arielle's Feels on the Vegas Tragedy

Guns aren't new.

People dying isn't a new occurrence.

But what's CONTINUED to be lost is the value for life.

Race relations in America are important.

Relationships in general, ARE important.

We have continued to lose our way and what is it going to take to get something we have never had - a utopia, or the closes thing to it.

A place where people are given the same opportunity to make the same amount of money.

Where people are given the same healthcare regardless of their name, country or origin, age, race.

Why has it become OK to take life so carelessly?

Don't get me started on war.

I think we each need to work on our souls and find a "utopia" within ourselves.

Find a place in yourself where hate does not exist, and visit that place EVERY day.

In order to go there, you need directions.

So find the directions or create them yourself.

Some of us find that place through music (me), or art, dance, prayer, yoga, journaling, movies, talking to friends, making money, sharing resources, etc.

But if we not only found our utopia-place, but HELPED OTHERS FIND THEIRS, maybe less people will feel the need to support people like Donald Trump or shoot and injure hundreds of people.

Prayers for Vegas, but I'm going to start working on my happy place and building the wall that keeps the happy in, without keeping the love out.

Will you do the same?

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