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Ep. 28 - Faith, Fashion, & Fun with Courtney Blackwell of Nostalgic Era Curated Vintage Clothing

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​Our guest is Courtney Blackwell​,owner and ​vintage clothing ​curator of Nostalgic Era. ​Read More below!

​Our guest is Courtney Blackwell​,owner and ​vintage clothing ​curator of Nostalgic Era.Now based in Brooklyn, NY, Courtney is still a Louisiana girl, born & raised! "I started dressing in vintage at the age of 18 and it really just became my style. In 2019 a friend reached out to me & told me I should start taking my journey more seriously because I was great at it. I didn’t know where to start and honestly​. ​I was a little afraid​,​ but I did it anyway with the world of social media watching me. Fast forward almost 3 years later I have been featured on major websites like Elite Daily, LisaSayGah etc. and have branded/partnerships with many companies! My ultimate goal is to open a Vintage Store here in New York & continue to spread my passion! ​"

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