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Episode 29: Raycheal Mason on Helping Busy People Break Up w/ Diets, Get Results, & Build a Business

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

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​Our next guest is Raycheal Mason, ​Herbalife Fitness and Wellness Coach, who you can find at Shine Bright Nutrition store in Lafayette, LA. ​ Raycheal has gained a new outlook on herself, built up her confidence, and helped so many lives along her journey! She can't wait to hear from you and do the same!

Raycheal Mason, “Ray”, was born and raised in Lafayette, LA where she currently lives and operates her wellness business. Her background is working as a Medical laboratory Technologist. For the past 7 years, she has been following her passion as a health and wellness coach, partnered with Herbalife Nutrition, the number one nutrition company in the world, to help others break up with diets and learn healthy nutrition habits, fight obesity, malnutrition, and all while educating on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. In recents months, she has become the owner of a health bar called Shine Bright Nutrition here in the Lafayette area. Their mission is to spread the word of living a healthy lifestyle over dieting!

Message from Ray:

I’m Raycheal Mason. A local Lafayette, LA native, who is ready to impact so many of your lives with an open ear, a caring heart, a safe and open place for you to be you, all while serving you delicious shakes and energy teas. These shakes and teas have been changing my life for the better!

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