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Ep. 12: Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley of The Barbarin Magazine talking Her Secret Marriage, Being a Mom t

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Once upon a time, during Essence Festival, I performed for a hair show. There were different vendors and radio personalities, including this one funny girl, Brandi. I quickly found out that we shared views on men and their random behaviors (lol) as well as trying to where skin-tight clothes in our slim frames lol! Fast-forward several months and I am interviewing this CEO magazine-creator and editor, tech girl, wife, mom, and fashionista for my podcast! She is so energetic and kind but focused and on her shit! She's down for her man and her family, but has not lost sight of who she is and the substance she brings to the table.

Listen in to her episode and read more of her bio below!

Click here to check out her website and find her online magazine, BARBARIN MAGAZINE!

Brandi's Bio: Hi Guys, I'm Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley known as "Bran Nu" and my goal is to share my interests with you. I am a mother of 3 (2 girls and 1 boy), I've worked in corporate America the past 9 years and I also have a BS in Communication/ Communication and Technology. I've recently took a step out on faith and started my own business, BrandMii LLC which will allow me to publish my own magazine and create my own multi media platform. All I need from you guys is support and I will definitely keep you updated with everything that is going on with me.

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