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  • Arielle Dominique

Ep. 13: "Love is Still Dope: 5 Couples & One Mic"

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“Don’t ever think I fell for you, or fell over you. I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it.”

~Toni Morrison, Jazz

Five amazing couples for one night of laughter and one mic to share our thoughts on some key concerns for young people in young relationships... This episode was really the bi-product of just an amazing "Friyay" game-night with our friends and we are lucky to have happy couples that are willing to share their energy! I thank them so much for their honesty. I'm sad several of our peeps couldn't make it that night BUT that just means we get to do this again!!

Thanks for tuning in! Follow us on social media too for video and photos!

5:11 Going to Bed Angry

6:30 Depending on How You Hold a Grudge

7:15 "We Could All Not Be Here Tomorrow"

9:00 I'm Like Joe Budden

9:40 How do I feel deep down?

10:50 -12:30 Time and Place: Filtering Out Ego

12:40 Jay Z on Therapy

14:28 The Entity of the Relationship

18:30 Balancing Your Goals Together ("What are we working for?"

19:40 Non-Negotiables

22:22 Are Relationships 50/50 (Man's Job)

24:50 Receiving & Not Just Giving

26:07 Being Self-Aware

27:36 Men & Being Needed

28:48 Strengths vs. Areas-of-Growth

29:50 How do you ask your partner to be flexible?

31:55 Type A Woman

32:19 Response to "Claire": Where Do I fit in?

33:52 Allow me to learn so you can put your energy into something else

36:02 Good Rice & Heavy Cream

39:40 Emotional Availability & Perceived Burden on Bae

41:31 Learning how to be human again...

42:20 Black Women and Vulnerability

43:23 Black Women's Vulnerability Explained (Vulnerability is the Definition of Courage)

44:44 Not Allowed to Show Weakness (Can I Have Emotions Too?)

45:35 Vulnerability is Taught

46:05 Black Men to Give Black Women the Space & Recognition

49:42 Bae Makes Me ________

54:02 Bae Made Me a Feminist

55:04 We Need Black Men as Allies

1:16:00 Introspection

1:2:10 Marriage in the New Age

1:04:43 Self-reflection, Goal-Setting, Together

1:06:52 These Mellinials and Monogamy

1:08:00 Monogamy Might Not Be for Everybody

1:09:00 Marriage Costs...Elope lol

1:11:00 I Still Refer to Her as My Wife

1:14:00 Bi-Sexuality in a Monogamous Relationship

1:15:50 Challenge Myself to Stay Committed

1:17:50 Open Marriages vs. Cheating

1:19:41 Natural Tendencies vs. Effort & Choice

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