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Ep. 15 Eating God's Way w/ Bianca Plant, MPA, Nutritionist - (We talk bread, meat, fats, & i

If you know me, you know that I LOVE to eat! Don't let the skinny fool you. I also LOVE to learn about food and eating WELL! Ask my family; I'm sure they are tired of hearing me talk about probiotics and digestive enzymes lol. In today's picture-crazed and likes-crazed society, we tend to forget about the importance of silence, inner-reflection, and even our health.

It's all about the work we do on the inside that manifests outwardly, and what better place to start than how we feed ourselves? We are all just trying to adult (yes, it's a verb now according to all millennials) and part of adulting is finding food to survive. Food that fuels us to work jobs we earned with our expensive college degrees, food to take cute pics of, food to feed our baes and actual babies...what?! It's true. We are growing up, so let's glow up too and eat right and feed our families well.

In episode 15, I speak to Bianca Plant, a native of Lafayette, LA now located in Baton Rouge, LA! She has a Masters of Public Administration and is a nutrition blogger, working towards her license. I'm excited to have her to talk about one of my favorite things - food! We talk super food and encouraging yourself and others to eat healthy!

Bianca Plant

13:50 recipe ideas

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