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  • Arielle Dominique

Episode 5: "Girl Chat 2.0 on Cardi B, 4:44, Being Young, Black, & Female, Social Organizing

Shanize: "Is it OK to curse"? lol....

Arielle: "Girl, yeah."

We had a great conversation for quite some time on everything under the sun, especially issues of interests on black community (everyone's community) issues. People may not think that 2 young women can go on chatting about racism for as long as we did, or throw in some Cardi B, Jay-Z, Insecure, and needed educational restructuring all in one sit down! But, they don't know Shanize yet apparently!

Shanize Byrd on Say it With Your Breasts

Her passion for social issues is real and rooted and she inspires me to stay abreast of what is going on. She is a community organizer as well as educator who works with youth all the way to "seasoned citizens" on not only rallying together but on creating plans and proposals to impact some minds, especially those of decision-makers in power positions.

We talk about women taking on burdens that do not belong to us, music that she keeps in rotation, respecting your elders, and why money is the real reason for the season. Don't miss this hilarious and heartfelt conversation! Airing on Say it With Your Breasts: Episode 5!

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