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Episode 6: Fashion & The McZeal Maven ft. Margo McZeal from Lafayette, LA & Houston, TX

So thankful that this busy bee was able to take some time out for the Say it With Your Breasts Podcast! We talk fashion, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, dressing our men, balancing womanhood with couplehood, support systems, and lessons Margo is learning in her 30s! Read a clip from her blog below!

"I am Margo McZeal, a newbie to blogging but not new to creating originality through fashion and beauty. A 30 -something PR Expert and Entrepreneur, I always have the mindset to influence individuals to be their best self. My passion for fashion and beauty is my outlet for creativity and self-expression (both in & out). It is embedded through every part of my life. Now, let me say this is a BIG step for me (yikes!) but I learned to never stop dreaming... because they do seem to come true. SO! FINALLY!! I'm doing what I love and although scary I am ready to share my passion with you. I hope my creative ideas, secret tips, and content help influence Confidence X Individuality as we take this journey to discover the Maven inside us all.

Cheers To Finding Your Originality,

Margo F. McZeal

The McZeal Maven is created as an interactive blog and ask that you send inquiries such as fashion, beauty or lifestyle (travel) to

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