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Episode 9: Victoria A. Roberts of VAR Events in Baton Rouge, LA! We talk business confidence, weddin



We talk finding your path, even if that means changing your life completely! We talk Tamar Braxton and women changing career goals for their relationships in addition to Donald Trump, race relations in Baton Rouge, LA and America, fashion, crazy BTS wedding stories, and more!! You do not want to miss this one!

I'm so excited and grateful that we were able to have this chat. She's positive and focused and I admire that she is a woman with vision! In addition to her own vision, she has a new intern-turned-right-hand-woman, Carly Leday, who assists her on their booked scheduled events - corporate to weddings to release parties. She balances her time between work and personal and has a great message for our listeners! Continue reading to learn more about her & tune in!

Victoria A. Roberts has always had a talent for transforming spaces into captivating experiences. She is committed to finding those perfect, defining elements that set each event apart. Victoria grew up in Opelika, Alabama and knew early on that she wanted to be an event planner. As a teenager. she created and hosted countless themed parties on weekends simply as a way to entertain her friends. The gatherings were wildly popular and sharpened Victoria’s DIY talents well before Pinterest made them trendy!

Victoria then moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she attended Louisiana State University. With each passing year , Victoria became more and more serious about her party passion, eventually launching VAR Events in 2011. Since then, Victoria has built a portfolio of stunning weddings. receptions, dinner parties and events to mark any occasion. She’s even helped guys plan the perfect engagement day. From lavish to simple, from off-beat to traditional. Victoria answers each client’s unique hopes and dreams. She listens intently, and uses her expertise to transform your vision into an unforgettable event.


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