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So, speaking of race...!

I've been researching and learning for my own curiosity, especially given the political climate in America and how degrading some individuals have been towards all people of color.  Below are a few videos on topics that I've been researching and reading about. I do not present myself as an expert by any means but I found these topics so interesting for my own self-discovery.

The stories that are often perpetually fed to society about people of color can be so skewed sometimes, and I look for clarity - at the minimum, understanding of these systems that are in place, have been in place, but are being put in their place. 

This information and opinions are not posted to offend anyone, but to expand our thinking of the world CREATED around us for intentional purpose. 


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Untold Truth About The African Slave Trade In America - What Schools & History Books Won't Tell You!
In an unmissable talk about race and politics in America, Theo E.J. Wilson tells the story of becoming Lucius25, white supremacist lurker, and the unexpected compassion and surprising perspective he found from engaging with people he disagrees with.
Untold Truth About The History Of The Trail Of Tears - Black Indians Are Native Aborigines
How Our Criminal Justice System Targets Communities
Flashback: Dr. Umar Johnson Compares Kaepernick to Muhammad Ali
10 things every white teacher should know when talking about race by Angela Watson
Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, president emerita, Spelman College
How Our Criminal Justice System Targets Communities
My Road Trip Through the Whitest Towns in America
Black Inventions Last 100 Years...
Race, Equity, and Leadership in Schools
Tim Wise: On White Privilege (Clip)
How The U.S. Government Gave White Americans An Advantage - Facts to Give Perspective - History 
Black Wall Street & America's Worst Terrorist Attack In Tulsa Oklahoma In 1921 By White Christians And Patriots - We Should Never Forget and Never Repeat. This history is disgusting to me. 
Blacks Moving Into a White Neighborhood for the First Time...

Ida B. Wells & Fighting for the Stop of Lynching

American Terrorist Attack on Ground and from Air on Black Wall Street...Murdered, Shot, Dragged by cars, bombnigs, Air attacks, Dumping Bodies in Streets, Looting, Burning Hospitals & Churches
Black Wall Street~Vintage Footage

Ok, people, now let's get (in formation!)

Proof OF Africans in the New Land before Europeans
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