Creator/Host, Arielle Dominique

The product of a preaching, singing, book-writing, songwriting mom and a harmonica-playing, singing, out-fishing, ought-to-be preacher 80-something year old dad, Arielle Brown is the creator and hosts Say it With Your Breasts Podcast.

She is a Realtor and home-flipper in New Orleans and a Licensed Master Social Worker and author.  She also owns Starry Eyed Musik llc, the house for her singing and songwriting, and you can find her music on or using the MUSIC link in the menu. She has been releasing self-written music since 2013.


She launched SIWYB out of her love for conversation with other women.  Arielle believes that there is something magical in the strength and beauty of a woman's creative power and wanted to create the medium that she found did not exist for prosperous women of color in Louisiana. 

Say it With Your Breasts welcomes all women who are from Louisiana or just love Louisiana to be featured on the show and discuss their creative projects, offer advice, discuss their causes, and continue the human tradition of storytelling. 

Say it With Your Breasts means to speak with truth, conviction, and passion!

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