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  • Arielle Dominique

Hearing Voices & Telling Stories

I started a podcast! I'm so excited! This is scary as shit though... Well, scarier really. I wanted to create something that I myself was looking for and just couldn't really find - a place to hear the voices of young women of color in my state of Louisiana who had stories to here it is! I hope that you love being here as much as I love you being here!

I grew up in Lafayette, LA and graduated from Lafayette High School the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I did start off at LSU but didn't really like it, so I left. I'm a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc. and a licensed social worker in Louisiana. Oh! And how can I not mention that I'm a singer and songwriter and aspiring to be on every radio in the world one day! It's coming, too! I can feel it lol.

So, again, thank you for being here and sharing in this platform with me. I hope that through the telling of our stories, we learn to listen to, follow, and strengthen our voices individually and collectively! And when you can't quite find a way to speak your truth, be sure to Say it With Your Breasts!


And as always, you can email Arielle, the show's host, anytime at!

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